Thursday, April 30, 2009

Facts About Sexual Harassment

Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature constitutes sexual harassment when submission to or rejection of this conduct explicitly or implicitly affects an individual's employment, unreasonably interferes with an individual's work performance or creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive work environment.

Sexual harassment can occur in a variety of circumstances, including but not limited to the following:

  • The victim as well as the harasser may be a woman or a man. The victim does not have to be of the opposite sex.
  • The harasser can be the victim's supervisor, an agent of the employer, a supervisor in another area, a co-worker, or a non-employee.
  • The victim does not have to be the person harassed but could be anyone affected by the offensive conduct.
  • Unlawful sexual harassment may occur without economic injury to or discharge of the victim.
  • The harasser's conduct must be unwelcome.

It is helpful for the victim to directly inform the harasser that the conduct is unwelcome and must stop. The victim should use any employer complaint mechanism or grievance system available.

When investigating allegations of sexual harassment, EEOC looks at the whole record: the circumstances, such as the nature of the sexual advances, and the context in which the alleged incidents occurred. A determination on the allegations is made from the facts on a case-by-case basis.

Prevention is the best tool to eliminate sexual harassment in the workplace. Employers are encouraged to take steps necessary to prevent sexual harassment from occurring. They should clearly communicate to employees that sexual harassment will not be tolerated. They can do so by establishing an effective complaint or grievance process and taking immediate and appropriate action when an employee complains.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston does not plan to adopt the child even though the news has said it otherwise.

Star magazine claimed Wednesday (29/04) yesterday that the split with Aniston that Brad Pitt and still single until now since split with John Mayer has been making the adoption process in California. Aniston in a newspaper will bring home a male baby to her house.

"Jen does not want to wait," said a source. "Friends that already have all the children, Jen and see how to become a mother can change their lives better."

"He wanted to get the very children," he added.

But a source close to Aniston's mouth open and disprove these claims. "They were wrong," he said in the magazine Us Weekly.

Aniston (40) before it was revealed hasratnya to start a family.

"Women's given me the inspiration is the women who have families and children. Why do I need to limit myself?" he said months ago in March.

"I want to have it all," he said as quoted from Showbiz Spy.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Do not be stingy love Smiles!

Feel difficult in adapting foreign environment as well as add new friend? Perhaps it is rarely caused by your smile? According to a psychology expert from the University of Durham, UK, tend to be like someone else who can show a positive attitude to it.

Is that a positive attitude? One of them is a smile. Positive attitude is important because normally we would be antipati are not attractive.

To strengthen these allegations, in doing a research led by Dr. Linda Boothroyd correspondent of 230 women and men.

A number of images with various facial expressions such as eye contact, grim, and the smile is on them to view the content of correspondents.

Results of research was in accordance with these allegations. Most of the correspondents acknowledge that the face that interest them is the face that shows sumringah smile.

do you still stingy smile? Do not hesitate to give smile to people around us.

Remain Harmonious Although Reduced Sex

A survey conducted in the United States to the 1000 respondents aged 55 to 75 years shows that the pension to make many families in the U.S. to become more happy and stress is much more reduced. Unfortunately, their sexual life of the decline.

Poll held AARP The Magazine, and later cited show that 96% of respondents claim to be their strong harmony even stronger than before. Number itself is a value that is very surprising because almost approaching 100%. Estimated factors supporting harmony is because the retirement age has become increasingly wise to understand the weaknesses of each.

More surprising is that 74% of respondents claim to his life would be more happy when they retire, rather than during their work.

Dating couples who look a good couple one or both have a pension, the pair-pair is happy to become more like melancong, eating out, sports, social kind, menggeluti hobby and the more frequently surf the internet. Activities daily living that increases in the retirement home is a treat, watching television and sleeping.

Decreased sex

However, behind the statistics-statistics that increase, there is also a tendency to decrease, the sex in which 22% of respondents claim to a decrease in the sexual life of the pension.

However, health experts said that the decline was not surprising because the sexual activity will decline in old age due to a variety of specific reasons.

In fact the older person does not mean they do not like the sex, for that, there are three steps for the life of declining seksualnya. First, do not delay the work. Second, exercise. And the third, berkomunikasilah always in bed, although not always associated with sex.

Back to the survey, more than three-quarters of respondents stated they romantisme relationship sekokoh before retirement, while 12% claim to be more romantic, and 30% to the alias is not easy Akur quarrel.

So terapkanlah three things in life that your household. You expect the household durable and imperishable until grandma and grandpa sex still 'tasty' in taste is not it?

How cool? Use 'baggy' Only!

Still remember with baggy pants? Ngetren pants that had two decades ago is finally back into the trend at this time. Pants with a wide discount on the thigh and slightly narrow at the bottom of this match is to make us appear more trendy.

Baggy trousers will look cool if we could memadupadankannya appropriately. Make sure that only baggy trousers that we do not use too fill in the thigh. The style of the eighties ngetren is a style that still looks modern.

Ngetren the baggy look is baggy fit in the fall of the thigh and leg without the saggy look.

Effect of baggy trousers up at the thigh akan makin cool if we satukan with superior fit the body so the body does not make the impression we are sinking. You are free to choose kardigan, tank top, t-shirts fit the body, or shirt.

For the berpaha big, baggy pants that could be the solution the right clothes. If this rather long pants, you can roll up its small.

Style of dress is more stylish, if we complete it with accessories. Try to use only belt or Vest. By doing so, we do not look akan ancient alias more modern. Complete with flat shoes, then you're ready to show your style of dress trendy. Tiru only style that Katie Holmes is beautiful.

Wash Hands

Besides drugs, the use of masks and washing hands can prevent the spread of influenza. Recently, a number of researchers from the University of Michigan, United States, announced the results of their research on the efficacy of prevention without the use of drugs in controlling the spread of flu symptoms.

Research shows if the mask and hand-based alcohol that can prevent the spread of flu by up to 50%. This is itself based on the monitoring findings of the researchers in 1000 seven students from building the settlement diligent hand washing and wearing masks.

Since last year, the United States government encourage prevention plan without using drugs for the disease flu. The alternative vaccination prevention, such as pharmaceutical and antivirus is not available in adequate amount.

Hence, this research is important and hopefully will be able to obtain other new results are more profitable. Hopefully the only country we also like that ...

So, still lazy to wash your hands?

Around the world Stay Healthy?

Long vacation stay a few days. All the preparation would have dimatangkan now. Desire a holiday abroad safe? Relax, have all his tricks. That must be remembered, you must prepare everything is, including drugs that would sometimes forget to take.

Different countries, it is also different. It's just that I can weather the flu because it is different from Indonesia, and there are also diseases that must diwaspadai carefully. What are the vaccines that are required? Check this out ...

List of destination countries and that the vaccine is required:
- Countries Middle East
Hepatitis A vaccine, Hepatitis B, Rabies (when conducting activities in the outdoors such as camping, biking, rock climbing), Tifoid (contagious through water and food is left out of the already infected), Diphteri, Measles, and Polio. Malaria to Iran, Turkey, Iraq, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Yemen. While in the countries of Bahrain, Cyprus, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and there is no risk of malaria disease.

- North Africa
Hepatitis A vaccine, Hepatitis B, Tifoid, Measles, Diphteri, Polio, and Malaria. Risk of other diseases: dengue fever., Filariasia (elephant foot disease), Leishmaniasis (a disease marked by mucous ulserasi nose and pharynx), Onchorcerciasis (river blindness) are diseases caused insect bite.
While the disease Schitosomiasis listed in this area is parasitik infection that can be found on the water including Nile river. So, avoid swimming in water that is not a swimming pool.

- Southeast Asia
Hepatitis A vaccine, Hepatitis B, Rabies, Japanesse Encepthalitis, Tifoid, Diphteria-Tetanus, Measles, Polio, and Malaria. Except for Singapore and Brunei Darussalam is free from malaria.

- South Africa
Hepatitis A vaccine, Hepatitis B, Rabies, Tifoid, Diphteri, Measles, Polio, and Malaria. Be careful to time a visit to this country because all the places, including in major cities at risk of malaria-infected diseases.

- Australia and South Pacific
Hepatitis A vaccine, Hepatitis B, Rabies, Japanesse Enchephalitis, Tifoid, Diphteria-Tetanus, Measles, and Polio. In Australia, there is no risk of malaria.

- Mexico and Central America
Hepatitis A vaccine, Hepatitis B, Rabies, Tifoid, Diphteria-Tetanus, Measles, Yellow-Fever (in Panama), and Malaria.

- Tropikal South America (Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, Paraguay, French Guiana, Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru)
Hepatitis A vaccine, Hepatitis B, Rabies, Tetanus-Diphteria, Measles, Yellow Fever, and Malaria.

- United States and Canada
Only a certain disease that sometimes arise, such as plaque (a substance from the material not to normal in the network, arise on the skin surface) and the Rabies can be found in the region where the wild animals. Histoplasmosis (infection histoplasma network that can cause infection of the light channel of breath but can be spread wide, along with fever, anemia, indigestion ulserasi channel, nekrosis children and kidney), also commonly found in the Mississippi, Ohio, and around the St Lawrence river valley. Lyme disease is often found in the Sea of Timut the United States, Middle Atlantic, and the top of the northwest and southwest Canada.

- Western Europe
Hepatitis A vaccine, Hepatitis B, Tetanus-Diphteria, Tickborne Encephalitis - infection caused by bacteria virus from the central nerve system. Usually occurs in Austria, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark (only on the island of Bornholm), several cases of this disease is also reported in the area of Italy, Norway, and France. It is very risky if the work or melancong to forest areas in the summer and livestock that consume the results do not dipasteurisasi. Avoid animal bites are small, such as lice.

- Eastern Europe and North Asia
Hepatitis A vaccine, Hepatitis B, Rabies, Tifoid, Measles, Diphteri (usually found in the countries of the Soviet Union fraction), Malaria (in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Krygyztan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan).

So, I have been ready to have fun? Stay conscious and have fun of course.

Does Santa Claus really have?

Santa Claus figures can not always be separated with the coming of Christmas moments. Her fat bearded white men thick girth is told in the evening with a Christmas train ride is drawn several deer fly. He will then visit each house via chimney smoke, read the request in the socks that depends. Then, from the large bag, which is always brought, he will put his gift for children is good under the Christmas tree.

Stories like this is always told that the parents and teachers on children. Acts berbaju red men of North Pole is always successful to make the children so enthusiastic terpana and listen. Young children believe the story is. So the night before the commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ, all the children busy and write the query to include them in socks depending on the hope that Santa Claus will come and give what they ask for. Tomorrow the same morning, that is correct, the prize that they're already under the Christmas tree. But, of course, is the handiwork of the parents who want their own sake with her children to say it is from the Santa Claus.

Santa Claus has always been an interesting story, even for adults who have been though. But after so long to hear his story, there will be a question, whether Santa Claus is real? For them, there are many stories narrate the origin of Santa Claus is also called Santa Claus this.

The story first appeared in thousands of years ago. Based on the North European legend, Santa Claus is depicted in the form of the god they are. At the time of winter, the god of war comes with a horseback riding 8 feet. With her move immediately to the end of the sky over the sea to give praise and prizes for people who are good and punish those who do evil. Figure of the god is what they consider as Santa Claus.

There are also stories that the name Santa Claus comes from Saint Nicholas. According to the story, he was born in Lycia, an ancient port city in Patara (Asia Minor). His parents are rich are those of the righteous Christian. After her parents died, Nicholas provides inheritance to help the poor. He then entered a monastery to the Holy Zion, near the city of Myra to get education. Nicholas took to the road to Palestine and Egypt, and their return to Myra Myra a bishop.

Nicholas is depicted as a bishop who is friendly disposed towards children and the poor. also friendly with miracles-miracles that happen. In Myra, Nicholas spent the rest of his life for the people consider the sick, caring for children orphaned, protect the poor from the extortionist threat and maintain the rights of the Jews. Moreover he likes to play with children without considering its class. He does not even object to shame with the dignity of children and street hooligan wearing a hat to bishop own. Nicholas died 343 years and made the M with a degree of holy Saint Nicholas. This is the name of Saint Nicholas is believed to be the embryo of the emergence of the name Santa Claus. Stories benevolence and love of Saint Nicholas to the children continue to endure for many years to become a legend of Santa Claus.

Nicholas about this, there are also other stories such as that in the story by the Metaphrastes in the 912 M that indicates one reason why Saint Nicholas became a legend of Santa Claus. At that time there was a family who are poor. Families that have three daughters who are eligible to marry, but because of the poor father could not even provide a dowry for a prospective son-only. He once had to push so that the children should decide to sell it-girls to prostitution as a way out only. But a night her son cry out that there is someone looking up at the house trellis. The father immediately out of the house while carrying blocks of wood.

When he opened the door, heard a voice berdebum above. It seems it is something to throw in the daughter-daughter's room and then down the trellis. Father is in this chaotic it was soon captured. Suddenly the oldest daughter running about and shows a leather bag full of money with gold is that it was thrown. The father became upset what purpose it is. It was explained that he was a Christian and her parents just died and inherit great wealth. This young man to follow what is said of God, if we should sell our possessions and give to the poor, and follow them. Youth that plan and know the difficulties that poor family, then decided to give the family inheritance to help them.

Nicholas is a young man who accidentally came in secretly because according to the command of Jesus that is if people give to the poor with the right hand, left hand does not need to know. Nicholas ask the family to use the money he gave to the condition does not tell anyone about it. Father and the promise for many years he was not told how to get the dowry for his girls.

While in Germany, grew origin based on the story of Santa Claus god Woden / Odin. Woden is described in mythology as a figure wearing a robe and a white horse who could fly. He has a long white beard and a long stick. Woden always bring a book in hand, so he held a nature wise. According to Phyllis Siefker, children usually fill their shoes with carrots, straw and sugar. Then place them in the near chimney smoke to the food for the horses belonging to Woden. Woden reply to good children with gifts or candy instead.

Then the story is more developed in the form of holy people around the world in the hansom. He will be the attitudes and behavior of people, especially children. When behave well, then he will put the fruit of apples, crusty fruit, candy and a large number of other gifts to the children in shoes. While the children of bad character it will only get the whip. This is often used by parents in educating their children.

In Italy, Santa Claus is known in the form of a story of a grandmother named Befana magic. Shortly before Jesus was born, he get the job of the angels, as also to the Majus, to give gifts to Jesus when Jesus was born. But because of neglect, she came late. Therefore Befana impunity. Each year warning before the birth of Jesus, he must give as many gifts to the children who can not afford. This story is held by many people in Italy, so that religious beliefs make the decision to switch Santa Claus. From here began the early belief that Santa Claus always give gifts to children.

In the Netherlands, are developing another story. From this state, the name Santa Claus comes. Sinterklaas is called for in the Dutch Santa Claus, known in other countries. Sinterklaas was a bishop. He was always wearing clothes and hats uskupnya bishop that both white. Sinterklaas always hold a crosier black with the top of the curve. He also brought a large book, the record whether every child behave better in a year or wanton. Sinterklaas is a white horse flying above houses.

Sinterklaas has assistant named Black Pete. Acts origins of Black Pete begins from the three children of the nation Moor akan crime punishable by death because they do not do. Sinterklaas finally hands down and they can be released. As a thank you form them, the children that live with Sinterklaas to help him into the chimney for the smoke to give gifts. Children usually sing songs around the smoke stack for Sinterklaas. The Black Pete who will listen to it from the top of the chimney smoke. They will determine whether the children had sing songs and have the right to provide food for the horse Sinterklaas, the Karot and straw. If everything is fulfilled, Black Pete who will give gifts to the children through the chimney. Words can be black here refers to the background of the nation or the Moor to its duties as it can also go into the smoke stack is exposed to smoke them.

It's also said that Sinterklaas and Black Pete is usually carrying bag, which contains candy for good children and a set of willow tree branches (such as the form of a broom to chimney smoke) to beat a child pert buttocks. Sinterklaas songs at the time, even the children who prankish be included in the bag and taken to Spain. Perhaps the story of Sinterklaas Dutch version of this is the most widely known until now.

The story then continues to survive and be brought to the Americas. Here, Santa Claus's suit to be lots of views of each person. The first, an American author named Washington Owen, described the Santa Claus figure in a Dutch grandfather who fat and round in a comedy drama entitled "History of New York." Then in the year 1823, shows the poet Clement Moore's Saint Nicholas as Santa Claus in the rhythm and music "St.Nicholas effect." Depiction of the modern illustrated in 1960 by filmmakers Thomas Nash cartoons depict Santa Claus as a fat man and always happy. He was wearing a coat and trousers with red buttons and white collar, and leather belt and black shoes. This illustration is very popular in the United States centuries pad 19, which continues to survive until now.

The story is also growing, said the Santa Claus live in the far North, in the land of snow. In the American version said to live in North Pole, while the English version it is said to live in Lapland. Other details also emerged, said Santa Claus married and lives with Mrs. Claus. Santa Claus makes a list of all children in the world, and group them according to their behavior. He will give you toys and candy and other gifts to children around the world who behave well. In children who prankish, akan given a stick and charcoal. In one night alone, he completed all its tasks with the help of the elf to make a piece and there are 8 or 9 flying reindeer to pull his sleigh.

Over time, the story of Santa Claus to spread all over the world. A large number of countries have their own name for Santa Claus this. In France are named Father Christmas or Pere Noel. In Switzerland called Christkindl or Christ Child. For English, French is the same as Father Christmas, just figure it is depicted with a slightly different lean more and more formal than the other.

From here we know that Santa Claus was there to its origins, not just a purely fictional story. Figure it really is as shown in the figure Saint Nicholas. Although in the development, Santa Claus figures have been added to the myths and imagination of those who pick up the story about this. So the reasonable-reasonable, if you are still trying to remember the past by entering your request into the socks and hang near the fireplace and Christmas tree.
"Ho ... ho ... ho ...., Merry Christmas everyone!"

Do not be Scared Negative Thinking

Think positive and keep thinking positive, then you will get something positive. That is the word that is often spoken and written in the write-in self-help books which are outstanding. Positive level-trusted channel positive aura that will also make us more confident and able to run things better. But what happens if we still hold a negative?

In fact the negative level can also cause a positive encouragement. Actually hold the same negative with its benefits continue to hold positive. Not that that's the most trusted by Susan Naomi, the author of best seller books BE NEGATIVE.

According to Naomi, we can have fun with our negative thoughts so that we can learn to do things the truth.

In the book, Naomi invites to a negative level. Negative level of awareness is a disability in men, in despair, or in failure, that Naomi will be a tremendous energy to produce something positive, if added with one more negative thing.

The pattern is a positive + negative = negative, but negative + negative = positive. For example, the negative word "not" will be changed to positive if the negative word plus one more "failed" because it would be "do not fail."

Changes the view to imply that this is negative it can be trusted to change a negative into a positive energy. Do not let fear hold negative because sometimes it is reasonable. However, things change a positive source. So, ready to do you manage your negative side?

Kandovan, One Village at Stone World

Kandovan (which is also sometimes known in the name of Candovan), many may not be known in our ears, but after you see the unique beauty that only you can find in one city in Iran is, of course you do not want to miss a visit to this place.

Kandovan is the only village that dibuangun entirely of stone, all the houses in the village is built of stone that sometimes it is the age of 7 centuries! City's unique stone is located between the city and Osku Tabriz. The only hotel located in this place is Kandovan Tourism The Cliff Hotel is the hotel terunik second in the world after the hotel from the Cave of Turkey.

According to legend, the people of this city first came to avoid the pursuit Mongol troops. They run away and hide in the trench volcanic rock cliffs and stay there, even until the danger has passed by. Place a hiding place as originally developed into houses, complete with kitchen, bathroom, even a place to gather family. Houses in the village, using the glass with beautiful colors for their house windows.

Once you Kandovan near the city of Tabriz or Osku, akan disapa you with a beautiful green foliage trees, so that you will forget that you are in Iran is barren and dry. The approach, you will be dazzled with the created unique forms of home is extraordinary beautiful.

In every part of the city there are many signs that offer a visit to a house with a certain amount of cost. Some of the houses that have already changed to stable or aviary. But a lot of the same household as modernization, it was not left out, you will create atmosphere of life brought Nostalgia 7 centuries ago.

Population Kandovan most professional farmer or herd sheep, but their source of income comes from tourism. They realize the potential of their ancient home and began living together with the study of the rover from around the world.

Visitors can choose to sleep in the Hotel Tourism Cliff Kandovan the 5-star, and is located in the heart of the village, or in one of the home visitor, your home can speak Farsi. Along the river that split the village from this stone, there are lots of cafe, where you can sit down to enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of juice Zam-zam cold, the wind filled the soft fragrant rose.

Remove Apple Games' Baby Shaker '

Apple has removed and apologize for an iPhone application called Baby Shaker, BBCNews reported. Apple realizes the game is very scathing, where the game is aimed to calm the baby crying with his swing.

Games at U.S. $ 0.99 has been removed from the iTunes Store is on Wednesday (22 / 4), 2 days after the game was sold. Games that have triggered anger from the guardians of children and brain injury.

Target of the game that is calm the baby with the iPhone up to a pair of thick red cross appears in both the infants described in black and white.

Although apologize, spokesperson for Apple said why does not the program is created by Sikalosoft, to be approved for sale and how many people download it. Sikalosoft parties also can not be contacted for the requested information.

Organizations in the United States-ahead to the prevention of brain injury syndrome of the baby such as the National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome and Sarah Jane Brain Foundation condemns Apple has approved the sale of this game.

Jetta Bernier, executive director of Massachusetts Citizens for Children, said: "I am disappointed to see this new application Apple encourages parents frustrating for the baby-shake, it will not only stop crying but its also his life."

"There are many effective ways that can be used by the parents to calm a fussy baby and like crying. Shake it clearly is not included in it," he said in the Daily Telegraph.

Shilpa Shetty Married

Marriage Shilpa Shetty talks so often in Bollywood Jagad. And people say Shilpa akan married kekasihnya, Raj Kundra at the beginning of next year.

Shetty and Kundra has revealed that they plan to marry in a moment later. However, during this same once there is no determination when they will marry.

Say, the mother of this pair are planning a wedding, when they are in Cape Town, South Africa to support the current team IPL match. Shilpa own marriage finally admitted that he will held in early 2010, but has not set a date.

Heidi Klum wish baby Women

Pregnant four children, Heidi Klum have specific expectations. PROJECT RUNAWAY of events that raise LENI (5), Henry (3), and Johan (2) together with the husband, Seal, this desire will diversiform son sex women.

"We are happy, like men or women," said Heidi to Us Weekly quoted the People. "But if I say I do hope the daughter, and I certainly untrue. LENI Specifically, because he can expect to have a very brother women."

"She said, 'I hope the women's younger brother later so he can be friend sekamarku. Aku akan akan help Mama and popoknya change, and I will be women who are both sisters'" Heidi row.

Seal announced the pregnancy news on his wife last week. He was so vibrant when on the stage when revealed that he and Heidi will soon have more children.

Arts talent Emma Watson

Perhaps not many know that Emma Watson appeared to have the role of art than the art of course. During this time Emma has an interest he intends to paint and really took the field and this one will not object to leave the world for the film to truly become a painter.

At this time Emma was already taking the risk of losing popularity in the world with the film, decided to study at Brown University in Rhode Island. Emma was not actually leaving the film world. He can still continue to syuting film HARRY POTTER AND THE Deathly Hallows study activities on the sidelines later. be like on Thursday (23/04/09) mentioned that the actress who was born in Paris twenty years ago this was not afraid to lose its status as a film star. He said that he was happy with the switch akan career as movie stars and diligent painting which is the interest. "I like painting people, and face expression. From my first true love of art though not many people know," he said full confidence.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Arsenal jinx dash. When showing the kompatriotnya, Manchester United, in the semifinal round of Champions League, next weekend, they will appear lame. Pledge their wing attacker, Robin van Persie threatened absent because of injury.

This bitter reality revealed Arsenal coach, Arsène Wenger, as quoted from Setanta, Friday (24/04). According to Wenger, the "RVP" is absent because it will have groin injuries.

Not only RVP, Wenger must also lost left back andalannya, Gael Clichy. French players this, in the tell, still does not recover properly from the back injury.

Half Chelsea, Michael Ballack, with the claim that his colleagues in setim The Blues will be very happy when the competition season in second position alias "runner up".

The statement is not due Ballack Chelsea desperate efforts in pursuing Manchester United in the top Klasemen, but two positions to become a realistic target for Chelsea.

"We will try as closely as possible, we must win the match and our own position to the second target is that we strived," said Ballack as dilansir Tribal Football.

"Maybe we can win one or two trofi. When you see some of our past, we played very well and can come out of a difficult situation, and it gave us confidence," added half the German national team.

"We must show that we remain focused on the UEFA competition until after the Primary. We know it is important to be able to reach the peak position. Two other teams may be very lucky but it is you need," pungkas Ballack.

However, there is news that can relieve Wenger. Manuel Almunia, Johan Djourou, Emmanuel Adebayor and the tell has been restored from the injury and returned to practice.

Ayumi Hamasaki

By the books that will be released later on 10 April, Ayumi Hamasaki willing to undress difoto with only wear bikini. This is interesting because throughout his career, once Ayumi new release with photos for a bikini calendar.

Penyanyi Japanese origin aged 30 this year will release the book titled DEJIDEJI Ayu NO NIKKI 2000 - 2009 (Ayu'S DIGITAL DIARY 2000-2009) only a few days before the concert footage. Diary this image released to commemorate the 10-year career in the music world as well as for the article that the 100-to write it for fashion magazines, Vivi.

This book contains 30 photos akan Ayumi including some photos when he is shopping and lunch with staff and friends. One of the photos that will be loaded when the image is put on bikini when she vacationed in Hawaii in January yesterday.

Until now this book has been ordered more than 30 thousand copies will be sold and the price of 3780 Yen

Lindsay Lohan

It seems the news that Lindsay Lohan will star in a stage drama Las Vegas strip that mengharuskannya own clothes to create this sultry pesohor also. Lindsay denied this news as an interpreter was talking to the press.

Some time before, Lindsay had terpergok with Melanie Brown in the event of a drama performance dibintangi Melanie and Kelly Monaco. Drama titled PEEPSHOW it is true that Melanie and Kelly danced bugil and now Lindsay dikabarkan akan join the show which was held in Las Vegas.

By Melanie and Lindsay photos, the media speculate that Lindsay directly out of negotiations to have had a role in this PEEPSHOW. Respond to this case, the spokesman Lindsay releases statement on the media and said that Lindsay is not interested to follow this Melanie Brown, as quoted from Wednesday

Diseases Degeneratif

Term disease degeneratif lately become a hot discussion among the various and not again become the doctors consumption. Rapid development of the disease has been encouraging the public to understand the impact
Degeneratif disease is medical term to describe a disease process that appears due to the slowdown of the cell body to its normal condition worsen. The entry in this group, among other melitus diabetes, stroke, coronary heart, kardiovaskular, Obesity, dislipidemia and so forth.

Results from different research note that the emergence of modern diseases degeneratif have a strong enough correlation with the increase in the age penuaan someone. Although such factors are also the offspring of a role big enough.

In Indonesia, the disease at this time many degeneratif among urban communities. The cause is mainly due to lifestyle changes in urbanization and modernization, said Kasubdinas Social and Public Health Info Health Pemprov Jakarta, drg.Tini Suryani.

"Changes in lifestyle can be seen clearly with the emergence of other places to eat junk food in almost all corners of the city. Junk food is not healthy food because it has low nutritional value," he said.

This type of food containing saturated fat (saturated fat), salt and sugar, and various additive such as monosodium glutamate and tartrazine with a high degree. Junk food contains almost no protein, vitamins and fiber that the body is needed.

In big cities in Indonesia, junk food is sold in many shopping centers and central jajanan. Even the type of restaurant food that has a high cholesterol level is already reaching small cities in almost all corners of the country.

In Jakarta, for example, food such as this can be found in all corners of the city. Similarly in cities around Jakarta such as Bekasi, Depok, Tangerang, and Bekasi, people easily get spoiled with all the food outlets and even IM-food outlets selling fast food to offer services across the message.

Pattern eat all the food at this time IM is very tune by the urban community. For example, the type of food gorengan rousing cheap and easily available as many are sold in the street is it's really nice.

Jajanan such as fried bananas, know the contents, fried cassava, banana chocolate (piscok), bala-bala, and many others with a taste of delicious, intricate, and valuable cheap, people like food gorengan.

But many people do not know that gorengan food is food that has a high risk of disease degeneratif triggered diseases such as diabetes melitus, kardiovaskular, and stroke.

Dr. Rustika, researchers Balitbang Department of Health, in doktornya dissertation at the Faculty of Public Health, University of Indonesia said that the disease kardiovaskular at this time murderer who has become quite significant.

Kardiovaskular disease is a disease associated with aberration heart and blood vessel. In Indonesia, people with this disease is increasing and has become the first cause of death for people with age above 40 years. Meanwhile, in countries rich in this disease is a major killer.


In Indonesia, the death rate due to this disease continues to increase. Results Household Health Surveys (National Household Health Survey) in 2001 indicates that the disease has become kardiovaskular highest cause of death in 1992, 1995, and 2001, when in 1972 the new ranks to-11.

Kardiovaskular disease caused by a high degree total cholesterol, LDL, and trigliserida and a decrease in HDL level in blood. The increase is caused by the impact of modernization is part of the changing attitudes of the Indonesian people become pengonsumsi low-fiber foods and high fat.

Further results of research Dr. Rustika shows that 29.70 grams of acid per day of saturated fat consumed by people, only 20% of them or 5.93 grams per day that come from non-food gorengan.

While the other 80%, or 23.77 grams per day comes from the food gorengan, equivalent to a three-piece type of food gorengan side dish, and five pieces of food distraction side dish or two pieces, eight pieces, and food variety.

"The habit of eating excessive food gorengan dangerous for health, especially degeneratif disease," said Rustika.

Degeneratif the disease is not contagious since several decades back has become a fairly serious problem for many countries around the world.

World Health Organization (WHO) said that the disease has been degeneratif add peliknya health conditions in some countries of the world, who have problems dihimpit many cases diseases and infections that are non degeneratif.

This organization also said that many countries have billions of dollars in losses due to disease degeneratif. Therefore, the concrete steps needed to menanggulanginya.

Still according to the WHO, to the end of 2005 only degeneratif disease has caused the death of nearly 17 million people around the world. This amount is put into it degeneratif biggest human killer disease.

Largest number of deaths in countries with low national income to high.

In the report mentioned that there are nine states with the biggest victims. Countries are Brazil, China, India, UK, Canada, Nigeria, Pakistan, Russia and Tanzania. Such as health problems in general, it is also very degeneratif affect many factors in human life. Sector is the most affected economic sector, because this disease is affecting the productivity of a person.

WHO's latest report said that the three-income countries that have people with the disease degeneratif largest China, India and Russia, up to 10 years can be estimated to lose hundreds of billions of dollars.

This new type of the disease only four, namely stroke, heart, cancer and diabetes.

WHO says more of one billion people worldwide currently suffering from obesity, a condition that can trigger diseases degeneratif. This amount is estimated to increase to 1.5 billion by 2015.

Various approaches proposed by various circles. Two of them are recommending a reduction in the use of salt in the different processed food produced by companies producing processed food and a higher tax on cigarette products.

Can be prevented

One of the many diseases that befall degeneratif is militus diabetes. This disease is a disease degeneratif non chronic infection that is due to the high glucose level in blood. The disease diabetes is very dangerous because it can cause the emergence of diseases other, more dangerous, such as heart, kidney and blindness.

Dr. Joko Triharto-a medical expert in the disease-in a chance to say that the early diagnosis of disease is the best way to avoid the disease diabetes melitus prolonged.

"30% of the disease is diabetes melitus factors descent. People aged 15 years and over about 1,2-2,3% and this number tended to increase in line with the level of economic growth," said Dr. Joko.

As well as other experts, he also said there are three ways of prevention of disease entry degeneratif this group. Third way is to eat a good pattern that is not eating fatty foods such as junk food and other food berkolesterol, doing sports regularly, and not smoking. For groups with a high risk that people with age above 45 years old, have parents who carry the disease diabetes, and have excessive body weight, on the third way must be added to the regular health checks.

Degeneratif disease can be prevented with the factors that minimize the risk of it. Risk factors, this fact was widely known by almost all the community. Risk factors, the main cause of the disease is degeneratif pattern that is not healthy to eat, lack of physical activity, and cigarette consumption.

Third risk factor is increased in line with changes in eating habits the community, to the consumption of foods high fat and sugar, and the type of work that is not spent a lot of energy (sedentary).

Increased marketing and sale of tobacco products on the popularity of countries with low to moderate income is very involved in the consumption of cigarettes as a risk factor causes disease degeneratif.

World health organization report, as many as one billion people worldwide suffering from obesity, and estimated this number will increase to more than 1.5 billion until the year 2015, if no immediate response efforts.

Many of the approaches that offer solutif against this, including through the use of salt reduction on processed food, the eating patterns of school, and the implementation of tobacco tax.

Ways was not only effective and efficient, but also profitable for the government.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Arnold Schwarzenegger

California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, on Tuesday local time, the possibility of his return to the stage will be the big screen in the newest Terminator movie that is ready to be launched next month.

Former Hollywood stars fight over the famous role in several previous Terminator films, revealed this in an interview with Internet news network. Arnold confessed has agreed to re-appear in the new film is required to appear for.

Hollywood studio, Warner Bros., which will be launched terminator salvation on May 21, is studying the possibility of inserting pictures Schwarzenegger Terminator film to previous films in which Christian Bale dibintangi this.

Schwarzenegger said to the 'lot owners' Twitter, Bill Bradley, on Tuesday, as California governor, himself does not have time to play a role in the film, but will be ready in the film is through the way of technology.

In the new film, snippets of movie images from the original Terminator, Schwarzenegger will appear briefly, when the main character in the film is dealing with it as the future of Terminator, "the governor said this.

Schwarzenegger became governor of California in 2003, after winning selection in the special roll at that time governor, Gray Davis, the claim also has not decided to return berakting in Hollywood after his old job back out a few more years.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Celebrating Valentine For A 'Single'

Valentine's Day is a day that is recognized by the pair to give each other flowers and greeting cards, as well as the dates for the romantic moments filled with love that. The day is often used by the couple to celebrate and strengthen the feeling of love back in between them. But for couples who do not have, Valentine day can cause a negative effect.

For those who still own lonely feelings can arise and less confidence, especially for those who believe in the understanding of a true love. Are trapped atmosphere with the feel of a full love

Dr. Laura S. Brown, professor of psychology at Argosy University Seattle the shadow of the pair is happy and full of love can cause a feeling of solitude, or into a kind of isolation for people who do not have a pair and hope they always have. He said that love is not only true on a certain day, or on greeting cards and flowers, or about the status of being in a relationship. Therefore, rather than continue to lament on the day of Valentine, it is better to have a pair that does not participate celebrate.

Brown reminded the most important for couples who do not have is to always remember in the days that Valentine's love not only for the pair, but for all of us.

Here are some ways how a man or women who are single may enjoy Valentine's Day without worry akan emergence from the moment the pressure.

1. First, know your not the only one. According to the census, there are millions of other people who spend this day with the single status.

2. Define your contention for Valentine's Day. What is the day that you want to celebrate? Or you prefer a treat that day as other days? If you choose the latter, just run your normal routines on 14 February, with a conscious, if that date will soon change with the date February 15 and will return to normal life (at least until next year).

3. If you choose to celebrate Valentine's Day, think to date with yourself. Cook your own message or your favorite menu, make something fun to drink. Rent your favorite movies or buy new books, what the main thing that can make you feel special and consoled. Make that night as a sacred time to think of ideas and visions that have all of your dreams.

4. Party invitation on Valentine's Day, it is considered reasonable in the time like this. This is a good opportunity to meet with other singles to spend time together. This is very important if you are a social group that holds an even. Will be a moment that is very interesting for you, because it met with people who have a background or interest in the same. Make sure you come with the possible.

5. If you have several friends who are also alone, consider to make your own Valentine's Day party. Try every friend that you are also invited to bring friends. You will meet new people and be able to have fun with them.

6. When you make a party, you think too much to be done, consider the group to invite you along to go have dinner or berdisko together. Try to go to a restaurant that the element of fun. The place is too crowded for people to make a romantic dinner. With this you will avoid a full view of the romantic in front of your eyes.

7. Use this day to try or buy something new. Select a hobby or a craft, cooking recipes or add new home décor. Time will pass quickly when you enhance your surroundings.

8. sports! This will clean your skin, make healthy body and keep endorphin remains terproduksi. You will also feel more rileks and can sleep more soundly.

9. If you love children, consider keeping your child's friend when they are celebrating Valentine's Day. You will enjoy the time to make cakes, toys up the fort and of course you will get a sense of gratitude from your friends.

10. Spend Valentine's Day by giving and sharing your talents with others. By doing something useful for other people, can make you feel the happiness itself.

11. Use the night to finish a long delayed correspondence such as email, letters and greeting cards thank you. That all is one way to keep in touch with each other your friends. In addition, it will be a good way to eliminate the obligation of the to-do list you.

12. Consider spending the night to see the show with live music, or sit in a cafe in a nearby cafe or bookstores. You can do your own activities but can still be near other people.

13. Mutual exchange Valentine cards with your friends. Cards can be funny sometimes-funny, or is incompetent, but the best way to make friendship you become more solid.

14. Use it to add the night time you sleep. Be prepared to sleep early and wake up more the next morning on the same morning.

15. Valentine's Day Sadarilah if only just a moment. Not about love or a relationship. It was mostly about selling flowers, candy and jewelry jewel. Try to think about how much money you can not celebrate with a sparingly.

16. If you still own and do not want that, start now to think how to create the relationship you want. Discover how to become someone who can make your dream pair fall in love. Start a therapy. Start to practice yoga. Be volunteers. Create a work of art. make something to change the world. By making your life be full, love will come soon.

17. If you're single and you like it, Now is the time to make sure he is. People who get married will not have the life and relationships more intimate and close with the people in surrounding areas. Do not let the culture of life with a pair, make you choose to be hit-pair.

Get the single, do not be bashful again celebrate Valentine!

Why Can Not Manage Money?

Pay at the beginning of the month, but not the end of the month, the money we have been very low. Once or even often happen? May have to be changed from the way we manage our spending money. According Ligwina Hananto, financial planners of Quantum Magna Financial, money management is part of our lifestyle. Then how do we make it part of our lifestyle?

Focus On Expenditure

We must stop thinking about how much salary to go to our bank account. The management of this money even concentrate on our spending, not earning it. Usually, the greater our revenue, a tendency for the more luxurious life style also became bigger. Therefore, we must manage the expenditure is well.

Compulsory Saving

Regardless of the revenue we get, we should be set aside at least 10% of the revenue. This is for the sake of the future. No need feel distress, there is an easy way. We just need to make two separate accounts. A bank account to receive salaries, and special account B for our savings. When we receive a salary, make sure the next day, we have 10% of salary transfer to our bank account is a special savings.

Installment debt

Debtor or credit is not prohibited in the financial planning, but very careful in selecting needed a way to much. Make sure that we turn from credit card debt. We can use a credit card at will, but remember to always pay off debt at maturity, never through. And again, we must consider the use of the goods in akan Cicil. Buy a laptop a year dicicil several years with the use of reasonable, but owing to a holiday for a week and dicicil for three months, it does not make sense!

Do not Ignore Routine Expenditure

Routine expenditure is expenditure that can not be ignored. Like any style of our lives, we certainly have a certain quota of expenditure. Nah, this should be routine expenditure really is since the beginning.

Personal Expenditure stop

This is actually spending the most powerful break defense spending because our expenditure for this is things that all fun in our lives. Should, without the expense this time, our lives are still OK. Therefore, this is the expenditure that should be in the stop.

Choose to live sparingly indeed felt as a difficult life choice, but we can do it gradually. As a beginning, check the list one by one in expenditure. Then specify where the actual expenditure and should not actually need. That way, we can reduce unnecessary spending and save money. Be thrifty lifestyle.

Closing These 10 Food In The World

If you are a fan sweet food, which is known as sweets, in various forms, there is no one you observe a variety of sweet food is unique and the most expensive in the world. Food is expensive these extraordinary will be only for those of you that have overlapping contents bank account.

If you have enough money, why not try? while you make love to save more than pay for this food, why not read it together?

10. Chocolate variation

Price range of chocolate in hidangkan at Mezzaluna, a restaurant in Italy Lebua Hotel, Bangkok is reached $ 540. Food cover sheet involving This luxurious gold that can be eaten, champagne sherbet from Roederer Cristal champagne brut 2000 and creme brûlée. Sweet food chain will be closed with Truffle Perigord, Brown Stoberi mousse and chocolate cake piece.

9. Noka Chocolates

Noka chocolate is made is known as one of the most soft and brown favor in the world. With a variety of chocolates from all over the world from countries such as Venezuela, Ecuador and Ivory Coast, cocoa is worth $ 860 per pound. Can be brown with a variety of special feeling awaits to make your tongue dance!

8. Cake Sultan

Cake dihidangkan only in the Ciragan Palace in Istanbul, this cake is a cake with a sense of luxury and the most interesting that can be met. Cake made for 72 hours this includes fig, quince (a kind of citrus) and a pear soaked in Jamaican Rum during at least two YEARS!. Topping this cake is made of caramel, truffle, and, from the picture can be seen, a sheet of gold that can be eaten. The price? $ 1000!

7. White Truffle

Truffle (a kind of mushroom) most subtle and most expensive in the world is the white truffle or truffle alba from the Piedmont region in North Italy. One pound of mushrooms can be expensive precious $ 500. Fungus that is found in the world until now have 1.5 pound weight, and was bought by Stanley Ho, Macau casino owner, the price of $ 3300

6. Chocopologie

Chocopologie made akan Knipschildt is guaranteed to give a special experience to your tongue. Chocolate shop founded by Fritz Knipschildt in 1999 to sell these chocolate truffle in the world, with prices around $ 5000 per kilo, or $ 250 per fruit. Brown made Knipschildt is only sold under the order, you can visit the making of chocolate in 12 South Main Street in Norwalk Connecticut, United States, for heaven can try this little brown.

5. Macaroons Haute Couture

To tuck affair, Pierre Hermé is a remarkable artist. With two large stores that became the center of making macaroons in Paris and Tokyo, Pierre displays one additional prescription changes every season (which means four in one year, not two or more, Paris and Tokyo is not the durian season). Macaroons made their most famous meringue is Puff the option of your own! Based on the materials selected by customers, macaroon made Pierre can reach $ 7000 per kilo.

4. The Fortress Stilt Fisherman Indulgence

Food that is made one of the hotels in Sri Lanka is worth $ 14,500. Food has become the second most expensive food in the world. Food is also delicious and not less interesting than the usual food. Food consists of cassata gold leaf, and the mango and pomegranate compote. Food will be normal if it does not appear to be decorations in the form of shaped chocolate sculpture of a fisherman and stone akuamarin with 80 carat weight

3. Frrozen Haute Chocolate

Until now Serendipity 3 Sundae made this entry as always Sundae (ice cream mix) these in the world, with prices reaching $ 1,000 per share. But this time, they really try preposterous. Frrozen Haute Chocolate for $ 25,000 this is the result of cooperation between the Serendipity 3, and a jewelry expert, Euphoria New York. Sundae is a mixture of 28 kinds of chocolate, and 14 of them are brown, and these most exotic in the world.

Sundae also contains 5 grams of gold that can be eaten and also have a gold bracelet with diamonds in the glass base. In fact, this Sundae eaten with a gold spoon, and a few grains of white and brown diamonds, which you can save. Just be careful, do not be merged until ya!

2. Platinum Cake.

Indeed, not many produced, but the cake worth 1.3 billion this course you will not miss the beautiful colors shimmer. Cake is made by Nobue Ikara, a famous Pastry chef from Japan, as the top woman. Cake that is dedicated to famous women such as Japan and Rinko Kikuchi Chie Kumazawa this are expected to encourage women to want to use the jewelry from Platinum

1. Strawberries Arnaud

We certainly know that the recipe Strawberries Arnaud is strawberry ice cream, with lemon and red wine. But in the strawberry Arnaud restaurants in News Orleans, United States, not just the usual cut. The difference is in the toppingnya, in the form of a ring 4.7 carat pink diamond that had been the property of Sir Ernest Cassel, the only one in the world. Price this food? $ 140,000, why? because in addition to exclusive ring before, also in a strawberry drink with Charles X Crystal is worth $ 25,000 per bottle.

Mystical Artist / Actor

Some people may believe in the habits that bring good luck or bad luck that brings. Similarly, some celebrities. Among Hollywood artists who have this kind of trust tahayul and apply them in daily life. Such as Cameron Diaz, Cate Blanchett, Patrick Dempsey, Paris Hilton and others.

Some celebrities keep small items that will bring fortune diyakininya - such as Cate Blanchett, actress this store elf ears false when a role in Lord of the Rings in fortune for the mantle. Blanchett portray elf queen Galadriel in the trilogy Lord of the Rings because he always has a dream ear nymph. And after the film ends he keep the ear nymph is false.

Again with Robin Williams, this comedy stars ivory jewelry store owned by his father, Robert Williams. This trusted jewelry carries good omen, to go to anywhere he will always carry.

Cameron Diaz is known to believe in the very tahyul. Actress wearing this slim well necklace of a friend, who he said could be preventing older.

Patrick Dempsey also has a unique habit, ie, red shoes. This actor believes he must have shoes-red shoes, because this is the thing that bring luck for him.

Brilliant film director, Steven Spielberg who was making films sci-fi, also has a unique habit. Spielberg install like 'ET' gold in the car dashboard to the belief in the outer space beings.

There are also stars who have a habit of trusted discard underdog, one of Penelope Cruz who believe this. Star this section scrub-rub his head while successfully won the Oscar trophies for best actress in the adjuvant film Vicky Cristina Barcelona this year 2009. This is intended to drive away evil spirits that haunt over gladness joy of him.

James McAvoy have other habits that will be a matter of trust fortune. Scottish actor believes this should be the 'White Rabbit' on people who met at the first time in the beginning of each month. According to the teachings of her grandmother, said this is a fortune.

Paris Hilton also has a unique habit that is a matter of luck. This woman percussion-percussion finger back each time some people who say bad things and he does not want that happening. Not only that, Hilton also always make a wish every day 11:11.

Christian Bale also have self confidence when speaking a matter of luck. Star Batman begins is a habit to run to and fro under the stairs, he do so with a purpose, that is, believe in these things.

With similar habits Hilton, Cameron Diaz also percussion-percussion fingers on the table of wood, which diyakininya akan bring fortune.

Elisha Cuthbert is one of trust in the habit of this fortune. Before leaving the aircraft, this stage is always calling his mother and then plane with the right foot first. In this way he believes will be safe until the goal.

Numerology and usually also in alphabetical connect with fortune and luck. There are also celebrities who believe this - Axl Rose is one of them. Rocker reject this flat stage in the city prefix letter M for the first time because he believed this letter to bring condemnation.

The Beatles legend, John Lennon, who was born on 9 October 1940 believes that the number 9 take effect in every aspect of life. See, he makes the song No Revolution. 9. He is also recording a solo album with the title first Number 9 Dream.

Sylvester Stallone have the same belief in Numerology. Actor released this new movie RAMBO on 24 January. Of course not accidental origin, were selected through the date of consideration by his mother, Jackie. The mother is already trust Numerology since many years.

Also unique confidence-confidence that these are the celebrities. What about you? What makes you are a lucky or unlucky?

Free Internet Business

Free Internet Business


Learning on the Internet for free have

You know the difference between the two words page? : smile:

The first "Free Internet Business" means you like doing business on the Internet but does not want money spent at all for all the needs required by your Internet business.

This includes money spent to study, money spent to buy / rent tools / equipment such as computers, Internet network, domain, hosting, autoresponder, etc.

The second "Learning doing business on the Internet free" means you like doing business on the Internet but does not want money spent to learn how to have business on the Internet properly.

For the first, according to whether you may be? Is it like doing business on the Internet but does not want money spent at all?

The answer of course is: "Not possible" ...

But still many people who think that doing business on the Internet with no capital at all is possible.

I know from where?

I know of 2 sources:

1. Many people say that the support desk that I want them doing business on the Internet for free at no cost at all.

2. According to the Google Adwords Keyword Tool, months (March 2009) there are about 170 people who type the keyword "free Internet business" on Google (meaning every day there are 5.6 people)

Back again to my earlier statement that, to many in the Internet MAY NOT be free total.

BUSINESS Namanya also, there is a risk and reward.

Risknya are you dare take the risk to remove the costs needed to run your business.

Rewardnya when your business is already running with mantep, you will get the profit that you can enjoy.

You may be able to resist that you can use a free domain, free hosting, free autoresponder, etc. are completely free.

But imagine if you seriously want to have business on the Internet in the hope that your Internet business gives you a big profit consistently, so the period you want to use all the free services?

Domain that ends with., hosting and autoresponder that sponsor ads, etc..

Beyond all that, you also need a computer, Internet connection, and time to run your Internet business, This is why I said the Internet business may not be 100% free.

Words for number two, namely: "Learning doing business on the Internet for free" => there is still more reasonable.

You can learn for free doing business on the Internet. Koq many sites that provide free courses and lessons does this topic.

So you may ask "If so why should I pay to buy the products or loe products other Internet marketers?"

The answer is:

Indeed true that many places provide many lessons on the Internet for free, but if you want Accelerating your lesson and reduce the failure rate so that you reduce the stress and frustration, you need to remove the cost of doing business to learn on the Internet.

Just honest, I have here to do, not to play.

Related to this I want to tell you something.

"You are right, ultimately the money (the Constitution). We are here to do, not to play. We also are not generous.

To make all materials and run a business, we also need to remove the cost, energy, and time. If you want a free, you can review the materials provided on my blog and also through the report-report to me free. "

"SUBMIT ALL MATERIALS TO YOU VIA POST FREE MY HOUSE OK!" (Which is using the caps lock and exclamation marks like a command ....)

If you receive a request like the above, what will you do? Do you want a phone or / and send via post to the second page to teach the people doing them on the Internet?

Usually I smile I smile-own (shake one's head while the head-shake one's head)

As a summary, here's what we've learned today:

1. Free Internet business without the money a continental? => This is NOT POSSIBLE. Stop dreaming!

2. Learning on the Internet doing => This may be free, but if you want to accelerate your learning and your failure mengurani level, you should invest money to learn (such as when the first school you also have to pay school fees).

3. Do not just want any easy way to do smth and request to other people something that does not make sense, because you have certain requests in decline.

Oke's what all this means?

Meaning I want to tell you is:

To have success on the Internet (or any success in the field), you MUST have the right mindset first. No exceptions!