Sunday, May 17, 2009

From The Strange Sea

Mesopelagic latin name has found its 80-1600 meters, is a fish with a super long tyrannous (wide mouth and sharp teeth). like most of the fish in the sea, this fish does not have a color aka see-through and its organs on the process called bioluminescence, in addition they have large eyes to gather light as possible in minimal light conditions without light or even at all. In a wide mouth, swallow whole fish, which even more than the body, this is possible because the stomach is elastic so it can expand. Fish sea floor must adapt to this environment is very minimal because the stock of food in the neighborhood so far not many other sentient vagrant, sometimes they take a kind of fellow to be able to survive.

Have a latin name Grammatostomias Flagellibarba, living in the depth of 5000 feet / 1500 meters, has a kind of trunk that is connected up with his chin. The side of the body, there are the lights used to cue the fish Dragonfish marries another during the season.

Have a latin name Architeuthis Dux, one of the largest sea creature, can grow up to size 60 feet, known as the vertebrate animal is not the biggest ever. One animal is known is very mysterious because there has never been a thing to see this on the wildlife, because most of them have been arrested in the death or get caught fishing nets. Animals include animal meat eater, and they will eat whatever they catch, during the world war two to have a story that says this interesting thing someone from a small boat in the dark night. But this is the octopus fav food for whales, they have found a giant octopus in the belly of this whale that died.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Antivirus Vendors Are Not Immune Hacker

Enter in the company's website hacker, even exacerbate, it is often heard. However, what if a web site that the hacker is a computer security company

That overrides the Kaspersky Labs, a security company in Russia ber office on 7 February. Company's web site for the United States ( enter in the successful hacker, via SQL injection techniques (SQL injection attack).

It seems that the institutions that already piawai in the field of computer security can still vulnerable to it. In this case Kaspersky, the problem probably is not half-hearted.

In blogs,, hacker team that came from Romania with Kaspersky has been proud to mention loss of face due to attack.

"Kaspersky is one of the leading companies in antivirus and security market. However, it seems they are not able to secure their own data base," tulisnya.

Blog post also contains data showing a screenshot of their successful capture of the web server

Vulnerability is a consequence of the update on January 28, made by the administrators on the support of their web sites. Some of the program code that was not diunggah through the security review process should. As a result, during the 10 days the site is vulnerable to outside parties.

Hacker by the name of fictitious Unu said he can obtain access to the client's name, the activation code, bug lists, admin, and others. The Register even if the security hole was there, according to log (record) the web server, which does not have access to personal data from the client site

Data is not important

According Schouwenberg, although hackers have successfully penetrate, he can only get the SQL table, but not the information in the table itself. Information such as your e-mail address and activation code never accessed.

Nevertheless the security hole does not mean that there is not worrying. When hackers are more sophisticated, he may already have access to the data, as he claims.

Kaspersky is not the only security company that enter in the SQL injection attacks. On the same blog that made the BitDefender Portugal penetrated the database. However, different from the U.S. Kaspersky, BitDefender Portugal is just a reseller.

Business Online

Other important things you need to know in the online business is that the withdrawal in the real world business, online business also requires a principle in terms of success and achieve success. During this principle author was 5 K, namely: willingness, hard work, commitment, connection, and Creativity.

- The will is strong you should have as primary capital, because you will need to spend some time at least 1 - 2 hours per day, caring for your Blog. Blog like plants that need to be disiram and fertilizer that can grow and produce fruit growing.

- Work hard, of course, you have to do, because of hard work proportionate with the results of the straight you will receive, there is no success without hard work. Besides taking the time you also need energy and mind in running a business online.

- The commitment you need to hold yourself in, remember that your online business will not Get to reverse the hands, but require a long time, I experience during the 3 months beginning writers do not get income from the business entirely online Get the author. However, eventually $ income also can be the first author, to continue the flow until now.

- Connection to be important in the online business, remember one of the media used was the Internet that require a connection. Choose the internet connection for a sizable online business you are, currently available technology, ADSL, 3G, and EVDO, you can choose which one best for you.

- Creativity will make you become more successful. One form of creativity you can do in the online business is to duplicate, with 1 if analoginya your blog earning $ 100 per month, what if you have 10 blogs or even better, of course, your earnings will also be doubled