Friday, May 1, 2009

Business Online

Other important things you need to know in the online business is that the withdrawal in the real world business, online business also requires a principle in terms of success and achieve success. During this principle author was 5 K, namely: willingness, hard work, commitment, connection, and Creativity.

- The will is strong you should have as primary capital, because you will need to spend some time at least 1 - 2 hours per day, caring for your Blog. Blog like plants that need to be disiram and fertilizer that can grow and produce fruit growing.

- Work hard, of course, you have to do, because of hard work proportionate with the results of the straight you will receive, there is no success without hard work. Besides taking the time you also need energy and mind in running a business online.

- The commitment you need to hold yourself in, remember that your online business will not Get to reverse the hands, but require a long time, I experience during the 3 months beginning writers do not get income from the business entirely online Get the author. However, eventually $ income also can be the first author, to continue the flow until now.

- Connection to be important in the online business, remember one of the media used was the Internet that require a connection. Choose the internet connection for a sizable online business you are, currently available technology, ADSL, 3G, and EVDO, you can choose which one best for you.

- Creativity will make you become more successful. One form of creativity you can do in the online business is to duplicate, with 1 if analoginya your blog earning $ 100 per month, what if you have 10 blogs or even better, of course, your earnings will also be doubled