Sunday, May 17, 2009

From The Strange Sea

Mesopelagic latin name has found its 80-1600 meters, is a fish with a super long tyrannous (wide mouth and sharp teeth). like most of the fish in the sea, this fish does not have a color aka see-through and its organs on the process called bioluminescence, in addition they have large eyes to gather light as possible in minimal light conditions without light or even at all. In a wide mouth, swallow whole fish, which even more than the body, this is possible because the stomach is elastic so it can expand. Fish sea floor must adapt to this environment is very minimal because the stock of food in the neighborhood so far not many other sentient vagrant, sometimes they take a kind of fellow to be able to survive.

Have a latin name Grammatostomias Flagellibarba, living in the depth of 5000 feet / 1500 meters, has a kind of trunk that is connected up with his chin. The side of the body, there are the lights used to cue the fish Dragonfish marries another during the season.

Have a latin name Architeuthis Dux, one of the largest sea creature, can grow up to size 60 feet, known as the vertebrate animal is not the biggest ever. One animal is known is very mysterious because there has never been a thing to see this on the wildlife, because most of them have been arrested in the death or get caught fishing nets. Animals include animal meat eater, and they will eat whatever they catch, during the world war two to have a story that says this interesting thing someone from a small boat in the dark night. But this is the octopus fav food for whales, they have found a giant octopus in the belly of this whale that died.